Nowdays it is very important to develop the competence and to improve the legislation in the course of PPP projects implementation.

Today, however, we see the following issues in PPP projects realization:

  • underdeveloped legislative framework for cooperation in the field of PPP;
  • lack of mechanisms to stimulate growth in the number of PPP projects;
  • absence of professional community organizations which can play role as moderator between government and business;
  • absence of competence in managing the implementation of the PPP projects;
  • absence of regulatory framework for PPP project management, including in the field of:
  • project planning;
  • approaches unity during the drafting;
  • management tools to implement the projects;
  • risk management for the projects;
  • lack of quality assurance at all stages and phases of the project implementations.

What prevents to improve the implementation of PPP projects today?

The stage of initiation (search activity for investment) takes the main place in the implementation of PPP projects. But usually the main problems in the project arise at the stage of implementation and maintenance. That is why the issue of management and organization of the PPP project is so important. The result will depend directly upon the involvement and decision-making by both parties (the government and business partner).

In order to study the problems of the PPP projects and to develop the methodological recommendations and solutions of the PPP Project Management Centre was founded in the CPMI. Currently, the Centre has the following targets:

  • create a regulatory framework for the PPP project management and its application in practice;
  • develop of competence in the PPP project management;
  • form the tools to stimulate the social responsibility in the course of the PPP projects implementations.

The Centre provides commercial support for organizations involved in the PPP projects. Center’s specialists will help to solve the problem of the PPP project management, including:

  • development of the methodology for the PPP project management;
  • building the system of the PPP project management;
  • development the tools for the PPP project management;
  • creation the guidelines for managing of the PPP projects;
  • development the methodological recommendations to transfer the experience in managing of the PPP projects and others.

Director of The Center for PPP Project Management under CPMI