The main tasks of the Innovative Support Centre:

  • collect and consolidate the information available to the public about innovative ideas and implemented innovative solutions in the field of economy, management and industry of the Russian Federation;
  • conduct the initial expert examination of proposed innovative ideas and  innovations;
  • support innovative solutions.

The main functions of the Centre:

  • Concerning collection and consolidation of the information:
  • monitoring of information resources for  innovative ideas and innovations;
  • formation of a consolidated register of promising innovative ideas and innovations;
  • classification of innovative ideas and innovations from the registry according to work complementation stages and to possible areas of their implementation;
  • publication of the consolidated register of classified innovative ideas and promising designs on the CPMI’s site.

Concerning initial expert examination:

  • conduct initial technological expertise;
  • conduct initial economic efficiency assessment;
  • conduct initial assessment of influence of innovative ideas and innovations on the environment and the social sphere.

Concerning support of the innovative solutions:

  • counseling the innovators how to implement  innovative solutions;
  • provide information on the innovative solutions to the third parties concerned through forums, conferences or open communication;
  • form the  business plans drafts for the implementation of innovative ideas and innovations.

The Centre activity is controlled and coordinated by the Innovation Expert Council of the CPMI.

Director of The Center for Innovative Monitoring under CPMI