Denis Dyachenko and Aleksander Ermakov, experts of the Corporate and Project Management Research Institute, have taken part in a meeting of the Committee for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) under the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The meeting was dedicated to the design of a regional PPP standard for the development of an institutional environment in the field of PPP in constituents of the Russian Federation.

At the Committee meeting, representatives of federal and regional authorities, financial institutes and consulting structures discussed the main provisions of the new document, developed by the Center for PPP Project Development with the support of Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. In the course of preparation for the meeting, CPMRI experts suggested a range of propositions for the document.

In the course of the meeting, the participants underlined several times the relevancy of solving problems in the organization of monitoring systems and control of PPP project realization in the country’s regions.

CPMRI has a considerable portfolio of its own methodological studies on the creation and implementation of systems of corporate and project management – in particular, in the organization of centers for monitoring and controlling large-scale project and program implementation. In the opinion of CPMRI experts, these studies can be useful in the process of developing the institutional environment in the field of PPP in the constituents of the Russian Federation.