On September 9, 2014 Eldar Dzhuraev, the Chairman of the CPMRI Board of Supervisors, and Sergey Mamlin, the Director of the CPMRI Center for UFTL Development, were admitted as members to the International Telecommunications Academy (ITA) at the meeting of the ITA Presidium.

The decision to admit E. Dzhuraev and S. Mamlin as members of the ITA was reached unanimously.

The International Telecommunications Academy (ITA) is a non-government organization, which has been (since 1996) a voluntary public association of leading scientists, distinguished managers and top-ranking specialists.

Today the academic body of ITA comprises about 800 members, who have special awards in the Russian and international fields of telecommunications, and who represent more than 30 countries and more than 300 organizations.

The vast majority of the Russian members of ITA are former and current officials of the Russian Ministry of Telecommunications, directors and deputy directors of large Russian industry players.