CPMI together with publishing house “Alpina Publisher” starts the releases series of books on corporate and project management, one of the editors of which is The Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the CPMI, Eldar Dzhuraev.

This book, dedicated to the practice of joint stock companies management under the new Corporate Management Code, we are opening a series of books about corporate and project management.

This book is for chairmans, members of the board of directors, top-managers and corporate secretaries of public and private companies and also for joint-stock companies with state participation.

There are methodical recommendations, which is based on real practice and oriented on improving the system of corporate management. Special attention is paid to the composition, structure and activities of the Board of Directors and its Committees, to questions about vesting the shareholders with extended rights; there are examples of decision-making of Board of Directors and detailed analysis of the corporate secretary functional.

The principles of system of risk management organization, internal control and audit in accordance with international standards are in detail in this book. And there are methodical recommendations on estimation of activity of the Board of Directors.

A special place in the book takes methodology of plan-fact analysis of the project, which was developed in CPMI.

You can buy the book in central bookstores: MDK, “Moskva”, “Molodaya Gvardia”, “Biblio-Globus”, “Bukva”, “Chitay Gorod”, “Knizhniy Labirint”, “Noviy Knizhniy” and also in the online-shop Labirint.ru, Ozon.ru and on the web-site of publishing house “Alpina Publisher” (www.alpinabook.ru).