On November, 12th the head of the Center for Underwater Fiberoptic Transmission Lines Development (Center for UFTL Development) under CPMI Sergey Mamlin took part in 7th annual event «CNEWS Forum 2014: Information technology tomorrow”.

"Participation in the event of such a level and scale is a great chance to discuss the development of communications in Russia with representatives of major state and commercial structures, the world's leading experts in the field of communications," - commented on the forum S. Mamlin.

According to him, the interest in high technology, including this kind of work, as the laying of submarine communication lines caused by economic modernization tasks, which had been set before our country leadership. Also the development of the Russian market of laying and operation UFTLD fully consistent with the goals of the program of import substitution technologies, equipment and materials. Another important factor is social part of maintenance of all regions of the country by quality communication services.

"Many speakers focused on the need to move from paper to electronic corporate document, as well as providing quality communication services that can not be imagined without the development of terrestrial and underwater fiber-optic communication lines. That is why the implementation of large-scale IT projects depends on the quality and quantity laid lines. I have no doubt that the joint efforts of the state and the business community in this direction will lead in the short term to a substantial increase in the number of such projects, and the mood of the participants of this forum only confirms this confidence, "- concluded the CPMI Expert.

The event was also attended by representatives of the executive authorities, major banks and trading companies in the country, CIOs telecom operators specialists IB- and IT enterprises in various sectors of the economy (FEC, telecommunications, finance), providers of outsourcing Data Center, SaaS (Software as a Service - Software Vendors), virtualization technologies, mobile solutions for business.