On December 1st 2014 The Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the CPMI Eldar Dzhuraev and his Deputy Natalya Persod took part on the conference “Regulatory policy in Russia: the effectiveness of dialogue between business and government as a guarantee of economic growth”, which was arranged by Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE).

In the plenary session of the conference was attended by representatives of all four non-governmental organizations of the Russian business - RSPP, the Russian Chamber of Commerce, "Business Russia" and "SUPPORT OF RUSSIA" and the Ministry of Economic Development and the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Plenary Session moderator made by President Alexander Shokhin.

During the meeting they discussed the effectiveness of state regulation of the national economy. The participants were almost unanimous in saying that the system of state control and supervision over the economy today is not enough built.

So, from the business community was voiced statement that the audit firm is controlled and supervisory bodies are often not tied to the results of such inspections. In response, the regulator said that there were critically many the business requests, coming to the state agencies, which affected the quality of their treatment.

The general opinion of the speakers can be reduced to the need to develop mechanisms that improve the quality of interaction between government and business in relation to the regulatory functions of the state.