CPMI page in Facebook reached 600 likes from people, who are interested in project management. Without exaggeration, it is a very good result for a highly specialized pages, but given the “election” range of professional managers - at least, outstanding, and this unexpected joy for us, its creators.

Already on such encouraging figures, as attendance of our Facebook page, you can judge the progressive popularity among Internet users the topics of improving business processes, in which we try to make the structural clarity and - in spite of the complexity of the problems - simplicity.

Several thousand people have visited the page from different, some times from very distant places of Russia. According to responses entered on the page, Russian managers have earned respect and attention of major businesses around the world, including the EU, US, Latin America, the Middle East, as well as Australia, New Zealand and even Oceania.

We are glad to integrate our Facebook page not only news related to the life of the Institute, but also the most interesting stories of our colleagues.