There are three new Expert Councils in CPMI:

Expert Council on High Technology, in which the plans are to discuss issues related to the efficiency of enterprise management software, measures to assist enterprises migrating to electronic document management, etc. Kamil Anderzhanov is head of this Expert Council — specialist on designing and implementation management systems of business processes.

  • Expert Council on Cooperation with Public Authorities, in which the tasks are the assisting in the implementation of large-scale regional investment projects. The Chairman of the Council is Nijaz Vezirov – specialist on cooperation with public authorities, also specializing in the topic of improving national public-private partnership.
  • Expert Council on Education and Human Resource Development was created for the development of new for the institute educational direction – the organization the modules of distance education of project management. The head of Expert Council became Sergey Arutyunov, who has been teaching at the Department of Art Literary Institute named after Gorky for many years.