In March 2015 in the publishing house “Alpina Publishers” is getting ready for a new book of the famous economist-consultant E.R. Yeskomba “Public-Private Partnership: the basics of policy and financing” under the editorship of Adviser to Chairman of the Board of Government Company “Avtodor” Rauf Yabbarov, the Chairman of the Supervisory Council Eldar Dzhuraev and his Deputy Natalya Persod.

As the author says, the book is as “the guide in the most difficult question on PPP in negotiations and includes all PPP problems, with which people meet during their work”.

Accessible presentation gives us a clear understanding of the whole set of solutions: there are typical questions, which arising in the public sector at choosing the form of PPP for procurement and implementation of appropriate procedures relating to the conclusion of agreements on PPP describes a systematic and integrated approach to financing of PPP in public policy, and many other things.

This issue is updated with CPMI materials, such as the article about methodical basics of PPP projects management, the comments about the Regulations on the procedure of preparation and conclusion of agreements of PPP, two overviews - about short list of institutes, which develop modern domestic PPP and about historic development of PPP in Russia and in the world.

This book is intended to managers, who work with PPP projects.

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