On the eve of the first spring holiday male part of the CPMI Expert Body congratulates all women, especially who have linked their lives with such a difficult industry, as corporate and project management.

We are proud of our field of work: it gives to men and women unique opportunity to show their professional and own abilities. Systems thinking, analytical skills, commitment and perseverance, the ability to accumulate ideas, to subordinate the needs of the project heterogeneous and multidirectional environmental factors, plan carefully, anticipate risks and achieve results - all female heads demonstrate for al male part every day.

So it is not surprisingly that there are more and more women in management bodies of companies - Boards of Directors.

In these clear spring days, let us express to you, dear women, our admiration, and wish you a smooth personal improvement on our intellectual field, strong families and stable income, and most importantly - that the result of your efforts, to which you aspire internally.