CPMI signed a cooperation agreement with the Foundation “Skolkovo” in dealing with the problems of import substitution in the Russian energy sector.

Institute and Fund will cooperate in development the innovative ecosystem “Skolkovo”.

Institute implement mentoring support of innovative products of the project participants "Skolkovo" and regular exchange of information on these issues, taking advantage of “Technopark” Skolkovo in the part of research and education, as well as take part in decisions about the implementation of joint programs, events, competitions, etc.

Strengthening long-term business cooperation with the Fund, the Institute will advise participants of the ecosystem in relation to the main current technological and commercial trends in the import of IT in the interests of fuel and energy complex of Russia.

CPMI took the mutual obligations dictated by the interest of the Fund to attract innovative companies in the field of information technology to support the development of innovative IT projects and Institute readily carried out in the framework of cooperation activities promoting research, development and commercialization of their results in the substitution of foreign products in the field of information technology (IT), or localization of a full production cycle of the product, according to the text of the agreement.