On March 17th CPMI Experts took part in the second infrastructural congress “Russian week of PPP”. It’s annual event, where experts in field of PPP project realization meet.

The event was arranged by Center of developing of PPP under the support of Ministry of Economic Development and the Chamber of Commerce and Industrial of the Russian Federation.

During this “Week” there was reviewed amendments to the concession law, the mechanism of private initiative, the prospects for adoption of federal law on PPP PPP projects of regional subsidies from the federal budget, the mechanisms of state guarantees. The Congress also presented the rating of regions of Russia in terms of PPP.

A special attention was paid to the questions on the developing the required regulations and the development of an effective management system in field of PPP, both at the federal and regional level. Members of Congress agreed that the period of extensive increase the number of PPP projects in Russia is completed and today it should be rethought of existence the projects, and most importantly - to assess their quality.

The processes of quality estimates are going to be connected with increasing the role of project and corporate management during all stages of its realization. And a certain role should play the profile institutes and centers, in which the mission is to improve the quality of management, including such as CPMI.

“The work of our Center of PPP project management is directed to improve the management processes in both Individual companies and the field of PPP in whole. Our practical experience has been already interested in areas such as Lipetsk, Belgorod, Bryansk, Orel, Ryazan and Tula region. We hope that this positive trend will continue to grow and Center is ready to continue mutual consultations with all interested parties.” – told about the results of the congress the head of Center of PPP project management Denis Dyachenko.