Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology made a number of changes related to the work of the Technical Committee on Standardization “Strategic Management and Innovation” (TC 100) by its order #1552 of December 11, 2015.

In particular, Corporate and Project Management Research Institute (CPMI) was included in the list of enterprises (organizations) – members of the TC 100.

The current members of the TC 100 are 22 leading enterprises (organizations) in the field of management; in the structure of the TC 100 formed 6 subcommittees (PC) - PC1 “Innovation Management”; PC2 “Architecture and integration companies”; PC3 “Project Management”; PC4 “Electronic Library Information”, PC5 “Knowledge Management”; PC6 “Sustainable development”.

TC 100 in accordance with a fixed area of activity behind it considers projects of national and interstate standards and draft changes to them, conducting their scientific, technical and legal expertise, consider the draft international standards, codes, rules, standards, recommendations on standards and technical regulations as well as their translations into Russian before the official recognition of them, preparing responses to these projects; considering proposals on the feasibility of preliminary approval of national standards as national standards; considers the proposals to cancel the (unilateral cease use in the Russian Federation) existing national and interstate standards; considering proposals on the application of international, regional standards, national standards and codes of foreign countries to confirm compliance with the requirements of technical regulations and their inclusion in the relevant list.

The CPMI experts are already actively involved in the work of the TC 100. In discussing of the draft standard with the working title “The System of Management of the Project Activities of the Organization” had carried out work on its review and made a number of proposals.

The CPMI is ready to share its best practices and methodological developments in the field of corporate and project management in order to improve the national system of standardization and implementation of a unified state policy in the sphere of standardization!