On September 20, 2016 the CPMI Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board N. Persod and the CPMI member of the Supervisory Board A. Khorobrikh took part in the meeting of the technical committee on standardization №481 “Intellectual property” (ТК-481) of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology of Russia, which will be held in the Republican Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property (RSRIIP).

One of the agenda items was dedicated to the reception of new members to the TK-481. In particular, the Corporate and Project Management Research Institute (CPMI) was included in the list of enterprises (organizations) – members of the TK-481.

During the meeting there was discussed a number of issues relating to the organization of work of the standards amendment, establishment of procedures and rules of relations in the field of intellectual property management, standards development projects in the field of protection against counterfeiting, as well as in the lending sphere under the intellectual property mortgage, insurance of intellectual property risks and property management in the stock market.

Currently, the TK-481 is comprised of 48 leading enterprises (organizations) in the field of intellectual property; the structure of the TK-481 is formed of 3 subcommittees (SC) - SC 1 – «Protection against Counterfeit», SC 2 – «Legal protection of intellectual property», SC 3 – «Technology of intellectual property design and commercialization».

ТК-481 is a permanent body providing elaboration, harmonization, examination and preparation to approve regulating documents on standardization in the field of intellectual property. ТК-481 draws up long-term programs of standardization, proposals for annual programs of national standardization taking into account the results of research efforts, development works and design works, as well as the results of patent researches and other information about the achievements of Russian and foreign science and technology.

The ТК-481 objectives are to organize and to do work on national, regional and international standardization and to improve its efficiency in the field of intellectual property as well as to elaborate the strategy in the field of standardization, certification and metrology in the field of intellectual property.

Besides its main objectives ТК 481 aims to solve problems of the assistance in promoting the improvement of efficiency of standardization work both in national and international levels; to prepare advices for the elaboration of regulatory documents, harmonized with the requirements of international standards; to change standards in force or their abrogation; to make use the standards of leading foreign countries and companies to resolve problems of formation the intellectual property market, its stimulating, improvement the system of state control and the management in this field.

The TK-481 Chairman – V. Lopatin, Director of the RSRIIP, Doctor of law, author of seven concepts in the field of national security, information and intellectual property, the supervisor of a number of projects currently being implemented in the field of intellectual property.

The CPMI hopes for mutually beneficial cooperation and is ready to share its best practices and methodological developments in the field of intellectual property in order to improve the national system of standardization and implementation of the unified state policy in the sphere of standardization!