The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has issued a decree № AC-83-r of 30.06.2016, where it made a number of changes related to the work of the Expert Council on Import Substitution and Improvement of Innovation Public Procurement in the transport sector.

In particular, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Corporate and Project Management Institute was included in the Expert Council.

The Council is an expert body, designed on the basis of interaction between the Ministry of Transport and interested federal executive bodies, educational institutions, state-accredited, scientific and other organizations to promote the search for optimal and effective solutions for the implementation of the Ministry of pilot projects to improve the public procurement of innovation in the transport sector.

The main tasks of the Council include: analysis of the current situation in the field of public procurement in the transport sector; evaluation of innovative technologies and products, their cost-effectiveness, the appearance of the prospects in the near future new products and technologies, primarily through the activities of Russian organizations of the transport complex; elaboration of proposals according to a list of recommended requirements to qualitative characteristics of innovative products for use in the preparation of the tender documentation of the Ministry in the implementation of public procurement in the transport sector; elaboration of proposals on the list of recommended for public procurement in the medium term civil innovative products as well as proposals to improve the efficiency of public procurement, including the definition of public use in the transport sector, clarifying the nomenclature and technical requirements in the field of public procurement in the transport sector.