Director of the Research Institute of the Communist Party of Ukraine N.V. Vezirov was appointed a member of the RF CCI Council on Intellectual Property.

The Council was established with the aim of forming, preserving and developing the intellectual potential of domestic entrepreneurship on the basis of a unified Concept of State Policy in the field of protection of intellectual property rights and involving in the economic turnover the results of intellectual activity, and also with the purpose of creating the necessary conditions for providing the domestic economy with highly qualified specialists in the field of management intellectual property.

The expert corps of the Council participates in the development of the State Strategy for the Development of Intellectual Property in the Russian Federation, prepares proposals for the protection of intellectual property rights in the Russian Federation, examines draft legislative acts, amendments and additions to the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of intellectual property, and participates in the creation of the state information system for accounting, control and management of the results of the intellect ktualnoy activities.