The Expert Council on the Development of Relations with Countries of East under CPMI was created with the aim of conducting, on a regular basis, research in the field of Asian studies with a focus on economic and institutional problems.

The Chairman of the Expert Council on the Development of Relations with Countries of East

Sergey Demidenko graduated from the Faculty of History at the Moscow State Pedagogical University named after V.I. Lenin (MSPU).

In 2003 he defended his dissertation on “The Worker's party of Kurdistan and its role in combat of the Kurd nation in Turkey (1978 – 2000)”.

Since 2003 he has worked as a specialist-expert at the Institute of Strategic Assessment and Analysis.

Since 2007 – assistant professor at the Department of World Politics of the Faculty of World Economics and World Politics at the Higher School of Economics National Research University (HSE). He teaches the following courses: “The political and economic history of Arab countries” and “The economic policy of the Arab Eastern countries”.

Sergey is the author of several academic works, including the following multi-author books:

  • The Big Middle East: Incentives and Preliminary Results of Democratization. Moscow, 2007.
  • The World around Russia: 2017. The Contours of the Near Future. Moscow, 2007.
  • Russia and the World. A New Age. 12 Years Which Can Change Everything. Moscow, 2008.
  • The South Caucasus: The Trends and Problems of Development (1992-2008). Moscow, 2008.
  • Central Asia. Geopolitics and Region Economics. Moscow, 2010.
  • Contemporary Russian-Iranian Relations: Challenges and Opportunities (The Workbook of the Russian International Affairs Council). Moscow, 2014.

Moreover, Sergey is regularly published in various academic and popular scientific Russian publications (more than 50 articles).

Sergey is the resident expert at the “Voice of Russia” radio station. He also regularly participates in analytical programs on television channels RBK, Ren-TV, RT Arabic as a visiting expert.

Materials of the Expert Council on the development of relations with China and other countries of the East

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