The Investments Expert Council under CPMI was created with the aim of developing the sphere of research and pilot projects in the field of investment activity management.

The Chairman of the Investments Expert Council

Boris Volkov is a meritorious worker of Russian Federation tertiary schools, professor, Doctor of Economics, an active member of the International Academy of Investment and Construction Economics (IAICE), International Informatization Academy (IIA), Russian Academy of Transportation (RAT). In IAICE he is a member of the academy presidium. He has worked in site surveys, engineering and construction of transportation objects in Ural and Siberia, including the following new railway lines: Tumen-Surgut, Reshoti-Karabula, Miass-Mezhozernaya; side tracks: Ekaterinburg-Druzhinino, Ekaterinburg-Gorablagodatsk; electrification of railway lines: Ekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk.

Since 1971 Boris Volkov has been the head of the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MSURE) research school of perfecting efficiency assessment methods for investments and innovation in railway transport and transport construction. At present Boris is a professor at the Faculty of “Economy of Construction Business and Property Management” at MSURE.

Boris Volkov is a Meritorious railway worker, honorary builder, honorary transport builder, honorary worker in higher professional education, honorary professor at MSURE. He has more than 200 academic publications, including about 30 textbooks.

Materials of the Expert Council on investments