There was a decision to create a new department, which will develop the project management in the sphere of communication.

So the Communication Systems Expert Council was created to increase the quality of inspection, design, building and using of communication systems. This Expert Council was headed by honorary radio-operator, master of communications Alexander Polnikov, who has worked in this field for more than 35 years. Nowadays Alexander Polnikov is director of centre for non-state inspection “ExpertTelecom”.

Also in CPMRI center of development underwater fiber-optic transmission lines was opened.

We plan that the center will combine national and world experience in designing and building underwater fiber-optic lines, after which it will develop its own methodology of design, building and project management of underwater fiber-optic transmission lines.

The expert CPMI Sergey Mamlin was appointed as the head of the centre for the development of underwater fiber-optic transmission lines..

Sergey finished the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Computer Science, then Moscow International Business High School. At the beginning he worked as engineer-designer and then progressed to the chief engineer. He has considerable experience in the field of design communication systems.