On July 24 in CPMRI there was a investment expert council meeting. The Chairman of the expert council was Boris Volkov, honored worker of higher school, professor, Ph.D. in Economics.

The main theme of the meeting was the calculation of the efficiency of the investment projects.

In the first part of his report, Boris Volkov singled out four stages of the investment projects. They are: pre-design, design, construction-assembly work and exploitation. He also remarked that the calculation of efficiency has to be done at all stages of the project and the conclusion of the efficiency is done on the basis of the whole project cycle.

After elaborating on the terms “investor”, “customer”, “designer”, “operating organization” and how they cooperate with each other, Mr. Volkov listed the functions of the each member of the investment project. Then he spoke about the methodological recommendations of the efficiency estimation of the investment projects and about the main mistakes.

In the conclusion of his report Boris Volkov focused on the fundamental documents about investment work in Russian Federation. He drew the Board members' attention to federal law №39-F3 from 25th of February 1999 “About investment work in Russian Federation” and Russian Federation Government Resolution № 87 from №16 February 2008 “About the structure of design documentation and requirements to their content” and spoke about them in detail.