The Corporate and Project Management Research Institute (CPMRI) has been awarded a high distinction for its work.

The Federal Center for Pricing in Construction and the Building Materials Industry (FCPC) has awarded the CPMRI a Certificate of Honor for “A high level of professionalism, a great contribution to the field of corporate and project management in the construction complex of the Russian Federation, and an improvement in the efficiency of pricing in construction”.

CPMRI would like to thank the FCPC for its high assessment and trust of the Institute's work represented by our honorary experts, such as Said Abdrakhmanov, Meritorious Builder of the Russian Federation, and Boris Volkov, Ph.D. in Economics, who actively participated in FCPC events and are collaborating with FCPC on the preparation of methodological recommendations for such important companies as Joint Stock Company “Russian Railways”, the Federal Road Agency (“Rosavtodor”) and others.

Happy Constructor's Day, dear colleagues and partners!