Eldar Dzhuraev, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the Corporate and Project Management Research Institute, has commented on the prospects for the development of Crimea. The comment can be found on the “City-FM” website (link below):


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: “City-FM” is a Moscow-based news radio station with a weekly audience of more than 500,000 listeners. It has been broadcasting a constant news stream at the 87.9 MHz frequency since February 1, 2006. The owner of the radio station is “Gazprom-Media Holding”.

In the comment, there is an analysis of the scale of the tasks that the Russian government faces regarding Crimea’s joining of the Russian Federation. An emphasis is made on the necessity of regularly monitoring large-scale government projects and programs, especially where the discipline of their financing is concerned, as well as on the agreement of the timetable for mutual settlements between the customers and the contractors.

This definition of the problem is relevant in the context of the country’s transfer to a system of management by objectives (MBO), Eldar Dzhuraev emphasizes.