Officially approved the national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 58305-2018 "Project Management System. Project Office". Date of entry into force - June 1, 2019.

The new GOST was developed by ANO “Center for Evaluation and Development of Project Management” in cooperation with the Research and Development Institute of the Economy of Communication and Informatics Interecom (Research and Development Institute Intereks), the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation, the Association of Project Management Specialists and Organizations. project management "SOVNET", CJSC "Project Practice", attracted experts.

The feasibility of developing a national standard GOST R 58305-2018 "Project Management System. Project Office ”is determined by the high relevance, social and economic importance of the wide application of project-oriented approaches to the management of activities, the organization of the activities of project offices, the definition of their typology, tasks, functions and operating conditions.

Recall that the experts of NIIKPU actively participated in the work on the national standard in the framework of the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 100 "Strategic and Innovative Management" of Rosstandart. In particular, the Research Institute of Corporate and Project Management has prepared a review of the draft national standard "Project Management System. Project Office ”developed by the working group of the Technical Committee under the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (TC 205“ Project Management ”), TC 100“ Strategic Management ”and ANO“ Center for Evaluation and Development of Project Management ”(contractor).

The recall notes that the GOST R developers use a unified approach to understanding the essence of the project office, its goals, tasks and the functions (services) performed. In addition, a detailed classification of the main types of project offices and their structural elements was carried out, the role and place of the project office in the management system of the project activities of the organization were fully disclosed; The standard is synchronized with the methodological recommendations of the Federal Project Office of the Government of the Russian Federation regarding the organization of project offices.

NII KPU is a member of TC 100 since 2015. As part of the activities of the TC 100, the experts of NII KPU also participated in the discussion of the draft standard GOST R “Project Management System. General provisions.