In the first and second issue of magazine “Normalization and wages in construction” a new article of honored CPMI Expert, the chairman of Expert Council on pricing in construction Said Abdrakhmanov was published. The article is “About economic efficiency of use in the construction of inventions and innovations”.

The need of forming the normative documents on determine the cost-effectiveness of the construction of inventions and innovations, as an incentive to save significant budget funds and the introduction of new technologies and new innovative production methods work in the same way as was done in the soviet period.

Said Abdrakhmanov paid your attention to the soviet contractors were interested in innovation, while the current system of incentives for innovation in construction is not built properly Today economic effect of inventions and innovations introduced during the construction, estimates or other documents is not taken into account, the CPMI Expert summarizes.

Said Abdrakhmanov thinks that it’s necessary to adopt at the level of the Ministry of Construction Utilities Russian document on the definition of economic efficiency of use in the construction of inventions and rationalization proposals, the rules of which would be required to adhere to all the participants of the modern investment process.

Full text you can read in the Expert Library of CPMI.