The description of complex approach of integration of corporate and project management in single system was finished in CPMI. This decision was designed for large companies and companies, which have holding structure of management.

Preconditions of doing this work were the conclusions, which were got by Experts during audits of corporate and project management in large companies.

There were diagnosed the following typical problems of system of management:

  1. The control of reached results is made only in the end of the project;
  2. The top management is not enough involved in system of monitoring and control;
  3. There are no effective instruments of analysis of key points of project;
  4. There are no forming project reporting or it has significant disadvantages.

CPMI Experts made a conclusion that to improve the efficiency of investment projects or programs is necessary to form a vertically integrated structure of corporate and project management. The creation of such structure will help: to build an effective monitoring system within the company; to maintain control of key indicators of investment projects or programs in a timely manner and to involve senior management in addressing critical issues of concern. That would enable the timely make the necessary changes and implement the project on time within budget and to the required quality level.

Nowadays the institute is working on the creating of information-analytical system, which is for automation of developed solutions.