CPMI became an informational partner of XII Moscow International Forum and Exhibition “Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the XXI century”. The main theme of the Forum is going to be a new role of Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in connection with the structural modernization of the national economy.

This large event, which is arranged by The Council of Federation Committee on Economic Policy, Russian State Duma Committee on Energy, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Government of Moscow, will take place in a complex of office buildings of the Government of Moscow during 20 and 21 April.

The main theme of the Forum of this year: “The structure modernization of national economic: a new role of Russian Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia”. During the program the outstanding Experts will discuss the questions on complex approach of realization of east vector in energy strategy of Russia, road maps of realization programs of import substitution, problems of development power machine building and services in the fuel and energy sector in the context of a new law on industrial policy and as well as will discuss the ways of decision the tasks of modernization in field of energy efficiency and cleaner production.

More than 1500 delegates will take part in the Forum, and among them - representatives of federal legislative and executive authorities, official delegations from 47 subjects of the Russian Federation, the largest Russian and international companies, representatives of the expert community.

As part of informational partnership on the Forum the forth issue of the magazine “Management Practice” will be presented. This issue is devoted to theme of import substitution and the materials, which are connected to Forum, will be reflected in next issues of the magazine.