In March issue of the magazine “Joint-Stock Herald” (№2 (125)) the article, which is written by Elena Osokina, CPMI Legal Expert, lawyer, “Shareholders' right on information before the AGM: How has been the law changing in this part?”was published.

The article reveals the essence of the key changes in legislation of the last period (2013-2014) for the provision of information to shareholders prior to the annual general meeting (AGM) - in particular, Law on Joint Stock Companies (JSC) and the Civil Code of RF, as well as specific examples of judicial decisions on matters directly related to the analyzed topics.

The general trend of change of corporate legislation is tightening up responsibilities in relation to the company for failure of notification the shareholders about the OCA - stated in the E. Osokina’s article.

The full text of article you can read in the Expert Library of CPMI.