A new promising solution was designed in CPMI – the system of PPP projects management “PPP- Headquarters” (“PPP-HQ”).

Currentness of the solution, from the one hand, is the dynamic growth of the number of projects, which are realized on PPP mechanism, and from the other hand, is the lack of public space integrated solution for the management of public-private partnership as the project at all stages of its life cycle.

The purpose of the solution is to the integrated approach of management of PPP-projects at all stages of its life cycle: from the pre-investment stage to the stage of transferring the object of the PPP to public side at the end of the project.

At the same time “PPP-Headquarters” is 1) methodology of managing all aspects of PPP: legal, financial and technical simultaneously with the use of global best practices of project-oriented management, and gained national experience, verified in practice; 2) a set of practical recommendations for the creation and organization of the optimal organizational structures of management; 3) effective Project Management Information System, which allows, on the one hand, automates a lot of really routine operations carried out by the project participants, on the other hand, promptly provides all analytical information needed for timely decision-making.

The developers are sure that in such conditions, when the market of PPP-projects is looking for the improve of the quality of management of current and planned launching projects, the system of “PPP-Headquarters”will be interested and actual by all participations of public-private partnership.