On April 7th CPMI took part in “round table” of Association of Independent Directors on the theme: “Independent Director in companies of government participation: the cases”.

The moderator of the “round table” was Director of Association Igor Rozanov.

The cases were presented by Advisor of Corporate Technology of Federal Property Management Agency Ili Melnikov and independent directors Yuri Voitsekhovsky, Ali Brundukov, Andrew Faterkin, Gregory Sukhov, Svyatoslav Biryulin, Victor Bovt.

The event was attended by members of the Boards of Directors of such companies as “Russian Railways”, “RUSNANO”, “Russian Helicopters”, “Glavkosmos” and many others.

During the event there was discussed the tasks, with which were faced the independent director in government companies, then the expectations and requirements of the state to the activities of the independent directors, ways of building effective interaction of the Council of Directors and top management, problems of formation of effective committees, practical approaches to developing long-term development programs for management and KPI.

There was presented our forth issue of magazine “Management Practice”, which is related to problems of import substitution, to participants of the “round table”.